Current Events Debating, Part 2

Mar 03 2014


For those of you who have been following this site, you have heard from one of our debaters about how he prepares for a current events debate. We are very excited to have you hear the actual speeches given by one of our Debaters.  


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Current Events Debating

Feb 25 2014

The iGifted School Debate Club has begun a new program, Current Events Debate.


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'An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.' Policy Debate

Jan 13 2014

In the iGifted School Debate Club students learn about issues, analyze policies, research facts, and learn to present logical and sound arguments.  Beyond this, and in today’s world of even more importance, they listen to others with respect for their intellect, and with a spirit of free will, that their opponent is doing the best they can with unbiased and current evidence, and presented to the best of another’s ability.



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Joe Fitzsimmons- Development Advisory Board Member

Dec 09 2013

Joe Fitzsimmons concentrates on his passion of "helping to improve the quality of life in our community". From 1999 to 2001, as CEO of Nonprofit Enterprise at Work (NEW), he led this organization to more effectively serve nonprofits. Later, as vice president and treasurer of the Washtenaw Housing Alliance, he was instrumental in raising $8.7 million for the county's state-of-the-art homeless shelter.


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2013 Debater of the Year Award

Jun 20 2013

The Management Team at iGifted School is very proud to announce that the winner of our Debater of the Year Award is Ari Brown. Ari is homeschooled in North Carolina.  In recognition of his achievement, Ari has been awarded a scholarship to the University of Michigan Summer Debate Institute where he will attend an intensive three week program along with high school debaters from across the country.


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Spring Debate Tournament

Jun 17 2013

Congratulations to Our Judge, Coaches, and Students, The Spring Tournament for the iGifted School Debate Club is now complete. This Tournament brought out some wonderful work on the part of the debaters, and offered us some interesting challenges. The topic for the Spring Debate was the national high school proposition, and it allowed our gifted middle school students to not only deal with a complicated subject, but also to show a judge what they have learned about debate and their in-depth understanding of the subject itself.


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Online Safety, Why Do We Use Avatars?

May 08 2013

At iGifted School we are often asked why it is that we use avatars for our students.  The answer is simple, to encourage intellectual risk and to ensure online safety for our students.  I want to share our thinking about online safety and how we implement it.  

As a student registers for any of our programs, we require that they create and name an avatar, and you will see examples above of their work.  Once we approve the avatar, the student is registered in the name of the avatar, and from that point forward is known to other students and teachers as the avatar.  However that is only the first step. 



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Middle School Summer Virtual Debates to Begin in June

May 06 2013

iGifted School, an online education provider, announces its free innovative summer program for all Eastern and Central Time Zone students. The virtual school seeks students for its summer debate program iGifted School, a 501(c)(3) organization is pleased to announce its free summer virtual debate program starting June 15 and running until August 10th. Students will debate virtually using avatars and compete in teams.


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